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Birds are telling us we must act now to ensure
our planet can sustain wildlife and people

Click the recommended actions below to learn more!

You can use eBird and iNaturalist to document the birds that you see in your community.

More details on how YOU can help birds at the Bring Birds Back website. Want to help birds in the Monterey region? Join us!

Know before you go! Parks and marine protected areas in Monterey and Santa Cruz County have rules to protect wildlife. Reference the map and brochure below to find outdoors spaces where you can bring your well-behaved dog and spots where it’s best if your furry friend stays home. Areas that do not allow dogs usually have this rule in place for two reasons:

To protect park resources - Dogs are predators by nature, and their presence or lingering scent will disturb and frighten wildlife nearby. Dogs can transmit diseases and parasites to native animals, including foxes, coyotes, and deer. Dogs that run loose or become lost often harass or kill park wildlife.


For the safety and enjoyment of other visitors - Some people are intimidated by dogs, even by friendly ones. Dogs reduce the amount of wildlife that hikers are likely to see. Also, dog waste along trails is a nuisance to encounter and may contaminate the local water supply.

The map below can help you find out what the rules are at popular local parks. But always be sure to look for signage or lookup the rules online before traveling somewhere.

Download the free brochure "Where Can I Take My Dog?" (PDF)

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