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Conservation:  A Monterey Audubon Society Imperative

The Monterey Audubon Society conserves birds through direct action. We monitor the seasonal nesting success of the Black Oystercatcher, and speak up on their behalf, using the information we’ve collected to steer policy and land management. We conduct bird banding at Fort Ord National Monument to help contribute to continent-spanning datasets related to songbird populations and gather baseline information on the health of the Toro Creek riparian corridor. We have been financially and logistically supporting the ongoing volunteer-driven restoration work in the Monterey Pine forest of George Washington Park in Pacific Grove, home to at least 124 bird species. Our Conservation Committee keeps an eye on local and county policy issues, submitting comment letters that encourage decision makers to make choices that are good for their human and non-human constituents. These choices often overlap.

Learn more about out conservation projects:

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