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Bird Habitat Certification

Connect people to birds and nature while giving birds safe spaces to exist in our urban habitat.

With the effects of climate change and urbanization over the years in the U.S., our ecosystem has taken a substantial hit. Millions of acres that used to support wildlife have been transformed to accommodate urban sprawl, resulting in human-dominated landscapes that no longer sustain the needs of a functioning ecosystem (Audubon). The natural areas left are strained and struggling to support the vast amounts of wildlife that rely on them for survival. By choosing to plant native plants in our communities, we can make a meaningful impact on the wildlife in Monterey County.

Striving to make yard as bird-friendly as possible includes reducing the potential dangers that might be there. If you're going to make wonderful habitat to bring the birds in close, you'll want to make sure they are able to exist there safely. In this regard, ensuring that cats are kept indoors and cannot harm the local wildlife, retrofitting windows to be bird-strike-proof, and making sure that any bird feeders or bid baths are kept clean and sanitary (National Audubon 2014).

Feeding birds... (link to other page)

Seed content, local shops

Native plants ARE a bird feeder.

Or plants that provide the seed/berries

- Water features (fountains/bird baths)




bird baths

nest boxes


Don't plant invasive species - more information on what fits this category.

List of worst invasive in Monterey region:

- Scotch broom

- Iceplant

- Acacia species

- European beachgrass

- Giant reed

- Pampas grass

- Sweet alyssum

- Fountaingrass

- Callalily

- Greater periwinkle/Vinca vine


If you don't know your native plants try using the Seek app.

CNPS website/CalScape

What free resources are available?

Cuttings day, earth day events, where get mulch?

Within rules set by HOA/fuels clearance/etc

Article about native/non-native vs invasive/exotic plants.

The inherent complexity.

Additional thoughts about aesthetics, culture, values.



The following resources are beneficial as you create a bird-friendly habit in your greenspace. 

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Local Bird Friendly Spaces

Browse our gallery of for examples of bird-friendly yards within our chapter area. Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures and hosts a bird-friendly yard for our local and visiting birds. If you'd like your yard featured, send a picture and a note about what features make your yard bird-friendly to

Goal: want to make more suitable bird habitat in our region


1. National Audubon. 2014. Why native plants matter. Link: www.

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