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Thank you to the generous and talented local photographers who gave us permission to use their pictures for this website.

Carole Rose

Red-breasted Merganser

Paul Fenwick

Golden Eagle

Byron Chin

Heermann's Gull

Hugo Ceja

Black Oystercatcher

Mark Chappell

Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 07-44-19 Media

Brian Sullivan

Yellow-billed Magpie

Blake Matheson

Western Sandpiper

Tyler Lausten

Western Gull

We also thank our outreach volunteers, field trip leaders, bird banders, and committee members from the bottom of our hearts. There would be no MAS without you.



Mary Kenney, Beverly Gatliff, Gail Griffin, Virginia Chomat, Gayle Hoffman, Susan Lambert, Mel Gabel, Kerry Smith, Eddie Cole, Kriss Neuman, Mike Stake, Bill Hubick, Rick Hanks, Lisa Ciani, Paul Fleischman, Patty Brown, Nancy Bryson, Bob Tintle, Todd Wills, Terence Degan, Patrick Furtado, Cliff Halverson, Rita Caratello, Cooper Scallon, Sam Phillips, David Styer, Jane Rudebusch, Della Bossart, Eric Barajas, Rachel Perpignani, Danaé Mouton, Nat Wong, Karen Anderson, Miguel Alvarado, Aleah Adame, Jeanette Johnston, Greg Farley, Aaron Bartley, Madison Luken, John Tsortos, Paul Fenwick, Brian Sullivan, Alex Rinkert, Maya Bañuelos, Elizabeth Rivera, Hana Moyle, Nathan Bailey, Matt Savoca, Yvonne Wright, Jennifer Anderson

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