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Since 1940, the Monterey Audubon Society has been devoted to celebrating and conserving the birds and wildlife of California's Central Coast.

Recent Posts:

Infographic depicting a dog on a leash and the 100-foot distance between it and the nesting shorebird.

Shorebird nesting season is underway! Share the shore when you go to the coast to recreate. It's a fun trip for us - it's life and death for them. Learn more about Monterey Bay's nesting Black Oystercatchers and Snowy Plovers.

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Laptop showing a pixelated bird saying "New Website"
Bird watching group at an outdoor event.

We offer free monthly FIELD TRIPS! Click here to find one near you.

Young bird watchers learn about bird banding with Monterey Audubon Society.

The Young Birders Club is a fun and welcoming community for new or seasoned birders. Learn more!



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Sanderlings, a small gray shorebird, gather at the beach.
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